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Christmas wrapping with tinsel the turkey


It was good to visit the Caenhill Countryside Centre and visit my sponsored turkey called Tinsel. He is growing fast and to get him in the mood I brought him down some Christmas decorations. He enjoyed but think he was looking for some feed.

The Centre is being set up to help educated children about farming & the countryside centre and are looking for sponsorship for its animals so it was good to be able to help & sponsor a turkey.


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BBC Learning English with Mr Christmas

It was good to do some video work for BBC Learning English you can see the video by following this link


Hope you enjoy let me know what you think



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My adopted turkey named Tinsel

tinsel the tukeyIt was great to visit the Caenhill Countryside Centre today to see my adopted turkey Tinsel and get a few photos taken. I cannot believe how fast tinsel is growing and he is enjoying the freedom of walking around the farm and enjoying the fact that Christmas will not mean he will be Christmas dinner!.

I came across tinsel by chance and so please that the Centre took in my turkey. The Centre is set up to teach children about the countryside and farming. They are run by volunteers and looking for people to sponsor animals (pigs, goats, cattle, hens, turkeys, ducks and a donkey looking for sponsorship) so they can be housed and fed so children have a chance to get to learn about animals. A very worthy cause and looking to make a special fun christmas video at the farm with the animals and volunteers. Let me know if you want to take part.

If you want to sponsor an animal drop a line to or visit their website

A few photos from the photo shoot - the volunteers and of course tinsel

tinsel the tukey
Chris one of the farms volunteers

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it's Christmas Everyday

I am pleased that my song it's Christmas Everyday is no available on itunes and other online music store

I am hoping to make a fun christmas video with tinsel the turkey and other animals at the Caenhill Countryside Centre nr Devizes. Watch this space on how you can be part of it.

christmas girls

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Tinsel the turkey is putting on weight

1-IMG 8798Pleased to be able to sponsor a turkey at the Caenhill Countryside Centre not to eat but to save and become a farm animal which will be used to educate children about the farm life. I came across the turkey when it was young and surprised at how different it was as a chick.

I dropped in to see how tinsel the turkey is doing and was good to see how tame it was and now freely running around the barn. It has put on 2kg in weight a bit like me!

If you want to know more about my turkey sponsorship drop me a line.

I was also lucky enough to meet Sarah Wixon landlady of the Southgate Inn Devizes. Who did a worth while fundraiser for breast cancer awareness on 13 October. Well done Sarah.

1-IMG 8820


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Mr Christmas saves a turkey for Xmas

I went along to visit the Caenhill Countryside Centre recently and was pleased to be greeted by a young chick who was very cute.(That is  a feathered bird by the way!) It let me pick it up and was very chirpy.

I went to find Helie who runs the project and was amazed to be told the chick was a young turkey. I asked what it was doing at the farm and of course the reply came that it was being reared for Christmas dinner. I should not have been shocked but taken aback, so much so that I asked if I could sponsor the turkey and save him from being Christmas dinner, I wanted it to become a farm pet. I know they have had people sponsor rescue hens so was it worth asking. I was pleased to be told I could and they would keep the turkey for me. I intend to drop in and see the young turkey grow.  The farm is doing a great thing by educating children and of course me who now knows what a young turkey looks like!

I am proud to have saved a turkey for Christmas.. now what should I call my turkey... ideas please?

Please feedback your thoughts

Find out about the Caenhill Countryside Centre on facebook


christmas turkey and helie

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Mr Christmas on Fubar radio

Great to be a guest on Mark Dolan show on Fubar radio.

Hope it got you in the Christmas mood.

Please let me know what you thought and feedback.

If you want to hear my Christmas song in itunes follow this link

Today my present was a silkie!

mr christmas and my silkie


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Wolrd Cup song in the world wide charts

englandI know its Christmas everyday for me but there is only one World Cup competition every four years and this year, 2014 its in Brazil so I went all brazil nuts and recorded a world cup song with friends!  I even saw England winning the world cup this year using my crystal ball... the song is now in itunes and the video is on youtube!


I also heard my song is in the world cup charts for this year and moving on up so please help me to make it to number on by playing, sharing and liking my song 'We're Going to Win the World Cup'

We're Going to Win the World Cup
We're Going to Win the World Cup
We're Going to Win the World Cup
We're Going to Win the World Cup

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We’re Gonna Win the World Cup

1-andy guitarMr Christmas aka Andy ‘Christmas’ Park is not only obsessed with all that is Christmas but is a Football Fanatic too !!

This year he has asked Santa for a very special present – for England to win the World Cup !!

After advertising in the local newspaper for a 'Crystal Ball that works' Andy is convinced that his latest gift to himself can reveal the future and has predicted that Steven Gerard will lead his Team to Victory !!!

His latest song “We’re Gonna Win the World Cup” written by Keith Burge and produced by Pete Lamb is available to download on iTunes & Amazon 

We predict the whole nation will be singing it soon



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Mr Christmas has a crystal ball

Not sure why but woke up recently with an urge to get a crystal ball!. Not any ordinary crystal ball but one that works.wiltshire times

So I put an advert in the Wiltshire Times and yes I got one and it works. I know who will win the word cup. More on this and a song I wrote very soon.

crystal ball



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