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Mr Christmas saves a turkey for Xmas

I went along to visit the Caenhill Countryside Centre recently and was pleased to be greeted by a young chick who was very cute.(That is  a feathered bird by the way!) It let me pick it up and was very chirpy.

I went to find Helie who runs the project and was amazed to be told the chick was a young turkey. I asked what it was doing at the farm and of course the reply came that it was being reared for Christmas dinner. I should not have been shocked but taken aback, so much so that I asked if I could sponsor the turkey and save him from being Christmas dinner, I wanted it to become a farm pet. I know they have had people sponsor rescue hens so was it worth asking. I was pleased to be told I could and they would keep the turkey for me. I intend to drop in and see the young turkey grow.  The farm is doing a great thing by educating children and of course me who now knows what a young turkey looks like!

I am proud to have saved a turkey for Christmas.. now what should I call my turkey... ideas please?

Please feedback your thoughts

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christmas turkey and helie

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